JUNIOR / INTERMEDIATE (born 2000 - 2008)

Competitive Full Rules


11 years up are to be graded before the season starts. The season will then proceed unchanged from previous years.



  • Junior competition and NetSetGO, no player may play in a lower division than the one in which they are registered.

  • Junior Competition and NetSetGo, a player registered in a division/age may NOT PLAY ACROSS in another team in the same division/age.

  • All players in the Junior Competition who take the court must sign the score card – including any “playing up” from another team. Where a player is playing up from another team, their division and team name must be included on the score card. 


Note:  Boys up to 12yrs are eligible to play (mixed rules do not apply to this age group). 

          Boys 13-14yrs are eligible to play (mixed rules will apply and their division will be  classes as mixed). 



  • Hinterland District Netball Association, Firth Park, Mudgeeraba on Saturday mornings at 10-30am, 11-30am or 12-30pm and/or at

  • South Coast Netball Association, Mallawa Sporting Complex, Melaleuca Drive, Palm Beach at 6pm, 6-50pm or 7-30pm on Wednesday evening. 

These times slots are allocated by the Associations after team grading is finalized at the beginning of each season. 


Juniors 14+ are able to join the Senior Winter Competitions at both HDNA and South Coast.  



Training for this program will be held at our Club courts, Pizzey Park, Miami.  Training Times will be allocated by the Pizzey Park Commitee at the beginning of the season.

2021 Division Training Nights

All team Training Nights will be organised with your individual coaches with consultation with Michele Sanders our coaching coordinator. 
We will endeavor to do all things possible to ensure that the team trains on a night that suits the coach first, then the parents, for it is the coaches who passionately give up their time to coach our children. 



Each year, generally in mid-February, all new and old members are graded into teams according to their age, experience, ability and skill level.  Participation is compulsory and is dependent on prior observed skill (if a returning player), effort, attitude, movement and fitness and ability shown during training and trial sessions.  Grading for Juniors will be held at our courts at Pizzey Park.  Participation is compulsory. 

2021 Grading Dates and Times



Saturday 13th February 8am-12pm (U11-INTERS)

Sunday 14th February 1pm-5pm (U11-INTERS)

To be held at Carrara indoor netball stadium 


Once teams have been determined at Club level, they are then nominated to play in either the HDNA or South Coast winter competition in a particular division.  Grading games are held over a 3-week period which provides the opportunity for teams to be assessed against the ability of teams from other Clubs and then all are adjusted into the correct division 

Once team Grading is finalised by HDNA and South Coast, timeslots are allocated by the Association.  The time slot allocated will be the same time slot you will have for the entire winter season, (99% of the time).