2021 Key Dates;


  • HDNA grading – 27th February ,6th March & 13th March 

  • HDNA Competition / Opening Day and March Pass– March 20th 2021 (10am, 11am, and 12pm)

  • HDNA Junior-Inters finals;

    • Semi Finals – 28th August (8am,9am & 10am)

    • Preliminary Finals – 4th September  (8am,9am &10am)

    • Grand finals – 11th September (8am and 9am with presentation to follow)

  • NO GAMES for NSG and Juniors-Inters;

    • 3rd, 10th and 17th April (Easter & School holidays)

    • 26th June, 3rd & 10th July (School holidays)

    • 3rd-6th July (State Age Championships)

  • Crazy Sock/ Crazy Hair Day Charity Day 22nd May​


    Direct through HDNA Net program for 5 & 6 years - Dates to be announced (gala day/presentation)




7 to 10 years starts on the 20th March (8am and 9am) Last round on 21st August. Presentation to follow each time slot.