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Thanks Pizzey Park Coaches

Good afternoon Pizzey Park coaches of 2017

Your efforts this year have been above and beyond. You are the backbone of the club and the committee are extremely grateful to you for your dedication and voluntry work throughout the Winter and Twilight seasons.

We are planning ahead for next years teams and would like to know if you are able to come on board again to train a team. There are many options available from net-set-go, through to seniors to coach next year. Pizzey is also introducing and supporting the Palm Beach competition on a Wednesday night.

It is our goal to support every coach with a Manager going forward next year. This manager will communicate with your players on fruit rosters, byes, training times, availability of players and registering for carnivals. The aim is to allow the coaches role to be lightened and supported throughout the season.

In addition to the above, we will be working with the HDNA and SCNA associations for coaching clinics. This year there were 2 free coaching sessions held at HDNA. HDNA have indicated these will be held again in 2018. Pizzey Park has a coaching co-ordinator, Jonathan Parker, whom will be co-ordinating clinics held at our Pizzey courts for both coaches and players during next year. We would like specialise player development and this comes through coaching our coaches. Pizzey understands the commitment you put in and we want you to be as ready as possible to make your year enjoyable and rewarding.

Pizzey welcomes all exisitng coaches for our 2018 season.

Again, thank you so much for contributing to the players year in such a positive way. You have taught the girls the importance of playing and communication well with 7 other people, being a good and fair competitor and (on some occassions) a gracious looser. Sport is a wonderful platform for growing minds and bodies, but it all starts with a good coach. Below are the links for blue card and the AIS coach course to assist you in filling out the Coach Application form.

If you would like to coach a team again next year or would like to give it a go please email

Pizzey Park Committee

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